Vacation Rentals: Basecamps for the Bender


Welcome to our curated list of vacation rentals in Central Oregon!

Our list of vacation rentals in Bend offers something for everyone. Whether you have a small group, or 20+ these properties have been hand selected to make sure they accommodate groups of all sizes. From cozy cabins to spacious villas, you’ll find the perfect rental to fit your needs.

  • Mirror Pond Vacation Rental

    Mirror Pond Vacation Rental

    Sleeps 8, Big home in downtown Bend!

  • Riverfront Retreat Vacation Rental

    Riverfront Retreat Vacation Rental

    Sleeps 10, Luxurious riverfront retreat in downtown Bend!

  • Luxury Sunriver Home

    Luxury Sunriver Home

    Sleeps 16 Sunriver Modern Luxury in Sunriver

  • Apres Basecamp Vacation Rental

    Apres Basecamp Vacation Rental

    Sleeps 6, Fun apres ski themed basecamp just outside of Bend!

  • Backyard Bender Basecamp

    Backyard Bender Basecamp

    The perfect backyard Bender location just outside of downtown Bend that sleeps 8. A movie theater, sauna and built-out backyard, OH MY!

  • Beautiful Entertainment Rental

    Beautiful Entertainment Rental

    Great home for indoor and outdoor entertaining, sleeps 8 just outside of downtown Bend.

  • Indoor Pool Rental

    Indoor Pool Rental

    Bend vacation rental with indoor (heated!) pool and hot tub with great backyard that sleeps 8!

  • Dock on the Deschutes

    Dock on the Deschutes

    Big home with a dock on the Deschutes that sleeps 8 in downtown Bend!

  • Colorful, Quirky Cabin

    Colorful, Quirky Cabin

    Super quirky and fun large cabin in Bend that sleeps 6!

  • Farewell Bend Park Basecamp

    Farewell Bend Park Basecamp

    Big house for entertaining steps from Farewell Bend Park that sleeps 10!

  • The Hops House

    The Hops House

    Walkable, renovated home in downtown Bend with a hot tub that sleeps 8!

  • Sunriver Craftsman

    Sunriver Craftsman

    Big, beautiful Sunriver home that sleeps 12!

  • Renovated Sunriver Escape

    Renovated Sunriver Escape

    Beautifully updated home in Sunriver with a covered hot tub that sleeps 6!

  • Sunriver Spiral Bender

    Sunriver Spiral Bender

    Wonderful cabin in Sunriver with beautiful spiral staircase to loft that sleeps 8!

  • Big Pine Bender Basecamp

    Big Pine Bender Basecamp

    Big, beautiful Sunriver basecamp that sleeps 10!

  • Steps to Downtown Bend

    Steps to Downtown Bend

    Only steps away from downtown Bend, sleeps 8!

  • Charming Home with Bonus En Suites

    Charming Home with Bonus En Suites

    Super cute home that sleeps 8 with a great backyard outside of Bend.

  • Heart of Bend

    Heart of Bend

    Cozy and walkable home with big backyard and funky decor, sleeps 8!

  • Modern Home on Century

    Modern Home on Century

    Modern renovated home in Bend, very walkable, sleeps 6!

  • Bend Cottage

    Bend Cottage

    Adorable cottage in downtown Bend, walkable to everything and sleep 6!

  • Cabin in Bend with Great Views

    Cabin in Bend with Great Views

    Big cabin with great views in Bend that sleeps 6!

  • Caldera Springs Sunriver Home

    Caldera Springs Sunriver Home

    Big craftsman style home in Sunriver that sleeps 10!

  • Longwater Luxury Rental

    Longwater Luxury Rental

    Magnificent riverfront retreat in the heart of Sunriver that sleeps 10!

  • Magical Sunriver Cabin

    Magical Sunriver Cabin

    Funky, unique, luxurious rental in Sunriver that sleeps 10 – A Must See!

  • Modern Sunriver Home

    Modern Sunriver Home

    Modern luxury in Sunriver that sleeps 12!

  • Sunroom in Sunriver

    Sunroom in Sunriver

    Sleeps 10, Sizable Sunriver home with sunroom!

  • 6k Sq Ft in Sunriver

    6k Sq Ft in Sunriver

    Sleeps 18, Large Home in Sunriver!

  • Sunriver Home with Heated Pool

    Sunriver Home with Heated Pool

    Sleeps 18, heated pool in Sunriver!

  • Very Large & Updated Sunriver Home

    Very Large & Updated Sunriver Home

    Sleeps 20, Entertainment space, sauna, and more in Sunriver!