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Vacation Rentals

Book a Basecamp for your Bender

A proper Bender can only commence once a solid basecamp has been established. We’ve worked hard to get a list of unforgettable locations to host the perfect Bender.

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Unique Themes

Select a Theme

We have a variety of themed boxes just for you & your crew! Our boxes include themed party supplies, decor, accessories and more. We will set it up for you so it is Instagram ready when you arrive!

Pick from our list of themed Bender boxes or customize your own! A few of our themes include:

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Exclusive Experiences

Explore the best of Bend!

Let us show you the best of Bend with our exclusive experiences. We guarantee that our list of activities will have something for every type of event! From wellness Benders to buck-wild Benders, you’ll find it here.

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Extras & Add-Ons

Not Your Basic Bender

Want even more fun things to surprise your group with? Take a look at our add-ons to keep the party going! If we know one thing, it’s you can never go wrong with a little extra.